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The origins of Little Dust:

My grandfather wrote:
"It is related (and the story is no less significant whether historically true or not) that after attaining Enlightenment the Buddha's first impulse was to abide in the effulgence of Bliss without turning back to convey the incommunicable to mankind. Then he reflected, 'Some there are who are clear sighted and do not need my teaching, and some whose eyes are clouded with dust who will not heed it though given, but between these two there are also some with but little dust in their eyes, who can be helped to see; and for the sake of these I will go back among mankind and teach.'"

As a child I was surrounded by stories of my grandfather, Arthur Osborne, who died when I was a baby. He and my grandmother had been married in Poland shortly before World War II. Her family rejected him for not being Jewish so they soon left Poland, which is probably the only reason that she survived the War. Eventually, they settled in south India near the ashram of a sage known as Sri Ramana Maharshi. My mother grew up there in the town of Tiruvannamalai and I have visited southern India almost every year since I was born. During his lifetime, my grandfather wrote books on philosophy and comparative theology. A posthumous selection of his essays was titled "For Those With Little Dust." This production company takes its name from his work in the hope of making documentaries that come from a perspective of 'little dust,' and in the knowledge that we can only pass on new information to those whose vision is clouded by little dust.

~Jasmine Dellal

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